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  • 1 Karim.......
    an ordinary guy who has been given extraordinary love. The expression of creative artistry is my language. Life is full of interesting turns... each day prepares me for the next.
  • 2 Life can throw so much at you,
    it sometimes causes your head to spin. It's wonderful to spin once you have mastered it. If you spin long enough, things can surprisingly become clearer.This state allows us to chose from a most colorful artistic palette.
  • 3 Change is in my blood
    I want to travel 'insideout' and enjoy the journey. I love to share moments in time through movement and sound, so I'm always ready for this creative adventure...
  • 4 Love life.....
    Don't live a life of regret ... Dance Life, Sing Life and Live Life!
  • 5 If life gets you down....
    Keep on looking up!


How do I move?  I  move from an instinctive gut reaction and create out of an overflow of movement. Before any movement occurs, I subconsciously prepare my body to take flight by jumping into the ground. Having a grounded stance at all times is very important to me. The connection of the soles of the feet and the surface of the ground is a source of energy for me.  I like using the articulation of ankle to create steadiness as I spin through space. Using the whole surface of the foot is fundamental in my vocabulary. The feet connection allows my body to react quickly with and elastic type quality. The hands are also important; especially the finger tips.  I often imagine that I have water or sand in my hands. I concentrate on the difference in the texture of water and sand. The hands then become storytellers of detail.  I tend to move with an intense, high level of energy. I add suspension to my phrasing to add the element of surprise. The added use of swift dynamic change creates interesting rhythmic patterns.

The movement of my body in space is in relationship to itself and the environment. My preferred use of direction is forward, backward, and then adds a turn I return to this instinctively. If I decide to move, it is mainly linear. I enjoy stop and go sequencing in a repeated fashion. I seem not  to have a big sense of personal space. My movements are often external, going outward in function and intention.

My movement quality is very muscular yet graceful. I am very aware of my core and I use it to my advantage. I construct corkscrew patterns with my body.  I initiate from my center by leading with a leg or an arm wrapping around my body as if to be brought into my core. This skill can be labeled "force centrifuge. I love extreme "male" movement that may seem athletic in nature.  Using the challenge of core physical strength excites me. I like to ask my body to back bend while I am on demi-pointe. I search for ways to cause illusion with a pull between flexibility and muscular fast twitch reaction.

I have a lot of fun when I improvise movement. I try not to think too much of what I am doing or how I look. I make an effort to react to the moment and create a little game with my mind and body. I have a tendency to stare down when I dance. If I glance up it is always intentional.  When I dance, it is as if I am leaving small gift on different part of the ground and then return with my focus to the spot to see if it was still there. I usually react with my face by smiling or having a fixed focused. It is very difficult for me not to act in response to the movement I am feeling. My movement quality is much to my emotional state. I am also stimulated by what I may see; hear, of touch at the time. Honesty as a performer is key in my movement. I must allow myself to be generous in order to have the right level of energy for movement exploration.

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