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    an ordinary guy who has been given extraordinary love. The expression of creative artistry is my language. Life is full of interesting turns... each day prepares me for the next.
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    it sometimes causes your head to spin. It's wonderful to spin once you have mastered it. If you spin long enough, things can surprisingly become clearer.This state allows us to chose from a most colorful artistic palette.
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    I want to travel 'insideout' and enjoy the journey. I love to share moments in time through movement and sound, so I'm always ready for this creative adventure...
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    Don't live a life of regret ... Dance Life, Sing Life and Live Life!
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Inside Out ( Artistic Research Project)

Inside Out  has been birthed through the observation and study of musicians . It is an experience that is fueled by the passion to become fully aware and surrendered artists. When one makes the choice to create from the inside out, one will learn to tap into resources that are presently unknown.  Ideas that are grouped together begin to stir the creative thought process and lead to a discovery of  internal movement. The unexpected comes to the surface. It is a pulse that in time is visible to the naked eye and conscious mind. During the 'rediscovery' of one's body and breath the depth of one's creative nature may surface. Layer by layer one comes to realize the essence of the creative self, the child that has been sheltered. Fear of rejection, judgment, disappointment, failure, error may cause one to because creatively stagnant.  What is this project saying? It shouts for freedom. Let creation come forth in breath, movement, joy and life all in the moment.

The connection between all those involved in this project has been the desire to be awakened somehow. The idea that there is more to discover about oneself through digging past the layers of the known by the introduction of  new ideas to known territory one develops a fresh vision and gains insight on how to develop new roots. The experience has been seemingly subtle at times and at other vividly enlightening. This project has been created to inspire fresh vision, community, investigation, change and awareness.  Learning to allow the moment to speak is an art in itself. The idea of allowing the moment to pass through you in order to read what may be possible at any given moment. The ability to synchronize the mind, body and tongue is difficult yet exciting once fluidity comes forth. Each participant has added to the experience of understanding the possibilities of creating network of artists who can encourage and spur one another on to liberated creation and depth of understanding one's artistic intention, drive and life as a whole.

I have an interest in music and dance. I want to share what I have learned in dance with my musical community. I have decided to enter the dance program because I realized that there is movement happening inside my body as a musician. The movement was subtle and involuntary most of the time. As I have studied dance I am becoming aware of movement generated by technique and my emotions. I am now able to make choice as a musician I believe because of the awareness that dance has given to me. I can stay true to the intention of my delivery as I allow instinct to flow.

Today, dancers must be musicians and vice versa. It makes no difference how wonderful and unique their instrument may be, it is not enough to be just a musician or dancer. As a young musician/dancer I am always amazed to hear of artists who have built their careers on techni que.  A saying that one of my teachers stated: Even a monkey can play a piano. This is a bold statement indeed but as I continue to study I understand.

As we listen to musicians (and we have heard hundreds of thousands from the time we were still in the womb); there is that "something" that we can identify as talent. It doesn't matter at what level the musician is at because 'it' can always be identified. What interests me is can "it" be taught? How can it be measured? Can this question be answered?

I feel that I possess the skill for encouraging artists to their full potential. I believe that making an artist aware of untapped talent is  in this process. We have also heard and seen many artists who possess wonderful technique but for some reason lack creative delivery therefore, not reaching their full potential as artists. So it is obvious that both talent and technique are needed in order to become a "whole" artist

It is very easy for a human being to learn a trade. Some individuals are quicker learner than others but the process of learning still takes place. Now, when we think of a hobby, an spare time activity, we think of something one does to pass time for pleasure. When a hobby becomes a career, a particular occupation for which one is trained, the hobby becomes more than pleasure it becomes a calling. One begins to take the technique of "art" more seriously. One spends more then spare time on developing skill. The artist is driven by passion to create. The art now become life.

I would like to understand how to deepen my understanding of the process involved in coaching and reading movement generated by an artist, in this case musicians. How does one to make use of an artist training practices, in order to indicate influences and patterns that both strengthen and hinder the full artistic expression of each artist. How does one observe an individual authentically, allow the Spirit creativity to speak without any judgment or preconceived bias? To become more sensitive to identifying \u201cart\u201d and \u201ccraft\u201d.

The role of a creative movement coach within a project of this sort is to provide artists tools so that they can realize their goals. The coach must create a tangible impact bring forth results in order to help the artist envision goals and feel supported when taking hold of objectives. There is no closure to this process it will spark further curiosity from the artist. It all depends on what the artist chooses to do with their experience.

The coach will give some guidance but will not entertain the ideas of right and wrong. In this case it will only take place when established movement exercises are shared,  such as "The Rag Doll". The coach must always be willing to allow the artist to discover their own answers. This projects main cause is to inspire the individual to openness and feel safe so that the most natural behavior would be observed. If this is achieved the artist  I wanted to create a platform for musicians to benefit from the knowledge that that I have gained during my three years in the Contemporary Dance program at Concordia University. This project came to my thought after pondering what I would like to accomplish after graduation. My reason for entering the dance program was to gain a richer understanding of the relationship that three specific performing art disciplines; Dance, Theater and Music carry. I wanted to familiarize myself with the language used in dance to clarify the exchanges with other performing artists.  This program's emphasis is on the creative process, I was able to digest ideas and concepts actively. Now I was looking for a way to translate this knowledge so that others can in turn learn as I have.  For this study, I want to understand how to motivate and instruct musician through creative movement exploration in order to bring awareness to the whole self with the intention of enhancing their artistic ability. I believe that this is the first step in my life term research in gaining understanding as both an artist and coach.
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