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  • 1 Karim.......
    an ordinary guy who has been given extraordinary love. The expression of creative artistry is my language. Life is full of interesting turns... each day prepares me for the next.
  • 2 Life can throw so much at you,
    it sometimes causes your head to spin. It's wonderful to spin once you have mastered it. If you spin long enough, things can surprisingly become clearer.This state allows us to chose from a most colorful artistic palette.
  • 3 Change is in my blood
    I want to travel 'insideout' and enjoy the journey. I love to share moments in time through movement and sound, so I'm always ready for this creative adventure...
  • 4 Love life.....
    Don't live a life of regret ... Dance Life, Sing Life and Live Life!
  • 5 If life gets you down....
    Keep on looking up!


Are you ready for a challenge?

Karim is a voice and dance teacher, vocal and movement coach, pianist, composer and artistic director who is available for private study and group workshops.

Karim enjoys inspiring people to go beyond in discovering Life and Strength through learning. Karim has had the experience of teaching for 15 years. He believes that people who are inspired... inspire others... There is much power in the ability to give... There is joy in supplying a need...

Karim has a passion to see young talent flourish in Montreal and beyond. Success is really 10% talent and 90% dedication.

Now the question is "What is your definition of success?"

Allow Karim the pleasure of sharing this adventure with you.

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