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  • 1 Karim.......
    an ordinary guy who has been given extraordinary love. The expression of creative artistry is my language. Life is full of interesting turns... each day prepares me for the next.
  • 2 Life can throw so much at you,
    it sometimes causes your head to spin. It's wonderful to spin once you have mastered it. If you spin long enough, things can surprisingly become clearer.This state allows us to chose from a most colorful artistic palette.
  • 3 Change is in my blood
    I want to travel 'insideout' and enjoy the journey. I love to share moments in time through movement and sound, so I'm always ready for this creative adventure...
  • 4 Love life.....
    Don't live a life of regret ... Dance Life, Sing Life and Live Life!
  • 5 If life gets you down....
    Keep on looking up!

Artistic Philosophy

I am fascinated with Life. I love discovering all Life's avenues and winding roads. I am destroying the box. It cannot hold or label me. My soul has been made to live fully. There is always something to discover about one's self.  I take pleasure in relationship, whether it is relating , environment, people, animal or Spirit. I cherish Life and all of its giftings.

I am forever searching for ways to share vitality through Art. I believe that we are first spiritual beings. The gift that we have been given is to bring forth life just like the Creator. The creator creates a creation that is to continue to create. A never ending, continuing circle; seamless. This sometimes seems puzzling, but what an honor. How can one use creation to inspire others to live fully?  It is one talent not only to entertain but also to bring  a sense of healing and hope to those who are  lacking spiritually, physically or emotionally. As I share my gifts, there is a release of energy that I cannot explain but I can feel it and I love to see it in others. This is a passion that moves past the skin so that  Spirit can be seen.

I have matured since my college days.  I am curiously working with topics based on relationship and psychological issues. I realized that I have an infatuation with the interpretation of dreams and metaphor. What does one's conscious thought know about one's subconscious?  What do I really want to say? The truth is always very powerful. When we meet truth it  may also causes emotional pain. Truth removes layers of the calloused self. We must learn to face truth at all times because it always brings forth wisdom, understanding and ultimately freedom.

From the heart of the creator the creation speaks. Does it speak candidly, truthfully? Childhood experience may influence one's outlook on life but when we understand who we are beyond the past, present and future, there is a shifting that takes place in my conscious thought. We can then ask ourselves? What can I share in this moment with my audience? The human condition, good or bad, shapes all my work. How can I move someone to experience Love? How can I  encourage lives through the language of dance? I want to learn how to dig deeper. Remove the layers of self. Moreover, dig deeper still so that all that is seen is the freedom of Spirit.

Authenticity in my process and work is important to me. I do not want to leave room for pretense. On the other hand, I can afford to leave room for the lighter things in life such as humor and celebration.  My best work is created as I dive head on and fully.

As I work with all types of artists, I am realizing the importance of conversation and mutual exchange. It is interesting to see people past the technical and talent. I believe that once people connect on a human level  creation releases the heartbeat of life. This allows people to breathe as they give and receive real moments; our stories. At times  'real' can be uncomfortable. But a result, audiences all over begin to understand and connect with the common thread, the reality of the human condition.

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