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  • 1 Karim.......
    an ordinary guy who has been given extraordinary love. The expression of creative artistry is my language. Life is full of interesting turns... each day prepares me for the next.
  • 2 Life can throw so much at you,
    it sometimes causes your head to spin. It's wonderful to spin once you have mastered it. If you spin long enough, things can surprisingly become clearer.This state allows us to chose from a most colorful artistic palette.
  • 3 Change is in my blood
    I want to travel 'insideout' and enjoy the journey. I love to share moments in time through movement and sound, so I'm always ready for this creative adventure...
  • 4 Love life.....
    Don't live a life of regret ... Dance Life, Sing Life and Live Life!
  • 5 If life gets you down....
    Keep on looking up!


Karim Forde, born in Montreal, Quebec. Karim first studied classical voice under the instruction of Ms. Therese Sevadjian at Vanier College, obtaining a D.E.C in Music in 1998 and Communications in 1995.  In 2003, Karim completed a BFA in Integrative Music Studies with a specialization in Vocal Performance at Concordia University. He also received a BFA in Contemporary Dance with a  specialization in Choreography.

Karim is currently the Artistic Director for Inspiritus Creative Arts Ministries. Karim  has been a vocal instructor for the past 10 years and  is also an invited workshop leader of spirituality and dance at artistic retreats and other conventions.

Karim worked as the choreographer for the «Hommage a Paul Simon - Tribute to Paul Simon» as part of the 2006 Montreal International Jazz Festival. He danced for Lucie Grégoire in the project «Le Retour du Temps» in the summer of 2007 and  in the winter of 2010. He danced for Emmanuelle Calvé  in «Coeur et Courant D’eau», 2006 «Ayah» , 2007 and has been her rehearsal director for  her solo presentation of «Lampe intérieure» 2008. In march 2008, Karim again collaborated with ,choreographer/ dancer, Emmanuelle Calvé  on «La Selva, au temps des cerises».This was under a creative process residency which was hosted by  the Gesù--Centre de Créativité-Spectacles.

Karim continues to use his artistic gifting to bring enlightenment, joy, peace and love in every moment. This is only the beginning of the road.

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